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Lee’s Gun Shop in Hudson NH is pleased to announce that if you meet the requirements set forth by Glock for there public service program you are entitled to purchase your new Glock Blue Label pistol at a significant savings. Details of who is eligible for these blue label discounts is listed bellow, please contact us for specific pricing on the Glock pistol your interested in.

Glock Pistols New Hampshire

Glock Pistols New Hampshire

 GLOCK, Inc. has approved the sale or “Sub-Distribution” of
GLOCK “BLUE LABEL PISTOLS” to the following purchasers:

• Sworn Law Enforcement officers, including Federal, State, County, & City

• Includes retired L.E. officers with “retired” credentials

• EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters, and Paramedics

• Military personnel including Reservists and National Guard with I.D.

• Includes retired Military with “retired” credentials

• Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers

• State Licensed Security Companies (Loomis, RAM, etc.)

• State Licensed Armed Security Officers

• Court Judges, District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys.

• LE Academy Cadets with enrollment documentation from the Academy

• GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) members with current gun purchase card, not for immediate sale of pistol on membership

  • The GSSF GLOCK Pistol Purchase Card will be issued to a GSSF Annual Member renewing an annual membership for a 2nd consecutive year.

• The GSSF GLOCK Pistol Purchase Card will be issued to a GSSF ‘Two-Year’, ‘Three Year’, ‘Five Year’ or ‘Lifetime’ Member with their initial membership card.


If you have any questions regarding this program please feel free to contact us.

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